Oh, Brave New World…

In the book of this name, Huxley most certainly did not approve of the technology of this modern world. So, honestly, I don’t know what to think about an automatic, solar powered, Internet linked, self-harvesting, multi-hive bee apartment house with built-in health care. Don’t know if Huxley would see BeeWise as furthering fascism. Don’t know … More Oh, Brave New World…

The Airplane

Winter of 1977 I was holed up in a Yosemite Valley hotel room writing. Took an afternoon break with a friend to get a beer at the Broiler Room and nearly everybody was talking about The Airplane, about the marijuana being salvaged from a lake toward the south end of the Park. If I’d been more … More The Airplane


Back in the mid-90s I spent two years on and off in Bosnia where there had just been a war. Quick review: in about 1993 a First World Country slipped into genocide in a matter of weeks, goaded by flagrant racist propaganda on TV…. an advanced multi-ethnic European country with push-button telephones, color TV, automobile … More Fragile

Ah, California

Every year I’ve been here in the mountain bunker there is a time in February that loudly announces the End of Winter. A week or more of balmy nights, days in the mid-70s, bright sunshine. Might as well plant the garden. And every year I’ve been here that False Spring is jerked away, often with … More Ah, California

Jesus Saves, etc.

It is my current opinion that in all matters of faith, including religion, politics and medicine, the limit of avowal should be “it works for me.”   Beyond that comes pressure, coercion, violence and war, serious over-reactions for systems that after all include large impacts of the psychological.  In other words, maybe most, possibly all of … More Jesus Saves, etc.