Back in the mid-90s I spent two years on and off in Bosnia where there had just been a war. Quick review: in about 1993 a First World Country slipped into genocide in a matter of weeks, goaded by flagrant racist propaganda on TV…. an advanced multi-ethnic European country with push-button telephones, color TV, automobile … More Fragile

Leak This

What we Democrats lack is thugs. We’ve got everything else we need.  There are plenty of us and the technology is fine. Money? No problem. Issues? Don’t even start. On paper, we win. On the streets, not so much.  What we need is muscle. Seasoned, scared, hardened, tough, ruthless. Back then there was a fight. … More Leak This

Making Power

Much of the discussion of politics and policy — on the left mostly, because the the right is just nasty — much of the talk just seems so naive…. foolish.   The arguments that Pelosi should do this or Obama is a fake or a failure seem informed by some fantasy of what managing power is … More Making Power

Tom’s tired

Bear with me. This started when my friend Keith sent me a right-wing screed called “I’m Tired”, an old fart doing an Andy Rooney number. You know, down with Obama, socialism, left-wingers, liberals, Muslims, George Soros and Michael Moore, and the main stream media; up with Fox and Tea Parties and so forth. (One interesting … More Tom’s tired