Campus Years

At its best, my childhood looked like Jean Sheperd’s “A Christmas Story” with me as Ralphie.  I wanted the BB gun too, but also my school, the coal furnace, the front yard, clothes and snow suits… my life really looked like this.    Until I was ten we lived in Ann Arbor, the college town.  More than half … More Campus Years

Fair and Balanced

Tocqueville wrote of his own journalism: ‘I never gave in to the temptation to tailor facts to ideas rather than to adapt ideas to facts.’ Nice, huh? Wish I could say that myself, but truth is I don’t know very many of us who really can. Sad, huh? (for the quote and a darn good … More Fair and Balanced

Saving the World

Son Cisco invented a way for home-owners to install solar electric affordably and it’s catching on big-time… for instance, a Science Magazine blog entry from Copenhagen. Wowie Zowie.


I met a crop duster pilot one really hot, pretty dusty afternoon on the west side of the Central Valley. You have to see these guys, working at the way unglamorous end of the airplane pilot business, dressed in jeans and dirty shirts, but with the spiritual swagger of a Top Gun. Anyway, the west … More Dusters