Back in the mid-90s I spent two years on and off in Bosnia where there had just been a war. Quick review: in about 1993 a First World Country slipped into genocide in a matter of weeks, goaded by flagrant racist propaganda on TV…. an advanced multi-ethnic European country with push-button telephones, color TV, automobile … More Fragile


A bit more than 25 years ago now I spent some time in Fargo ND working for America’s Most Wanted. The case in particular was a missing child named Jeanna North, an 11 year old who had disappeared roller blading the three blocks between the Dairy Queen and her home. In that short distance she … More Missing

Roger’s Gone

Roger Nelson was my best friend, in school, when I needed a friend the most. His folks were founders and stalwarts of the Winnetka Bible Church which my dad was hired to pastor in 1951. We lived in the parsonage next door to the church; Nelsons lived hardly a block away, and they were my … More Roger’s Gone


It wasn’t exactly sunny yesterday afternoon when I went for a walk. But it was a nice break in the misty rain on a day when I’d been mostly at my desk. So. It happens that I looked at the rain gauge as I left and it had half an inch. Remember that number. Point … More Storm