Boys’ Club

It’s like a junior high school dance. Bunch of guys scuffing around, hanging at the edges, no girls. In the case here on the mountain, it’s a group of five male deer, lovely young males, still with their antlers, that have been around for several weeks. Just guys, no females. There is also a family group of … More Boys’ Club

The First Years

At it’s best, it looked like this with me as Ralphie.  I wanted the BB gun too, but also my school, the coal furnace, the front yard, clothes… my childhood really looked like this.     Earth tones clothes, furniture and walls.  One telephone in the house, one electric plug per room. Snow suits. Until … More The First Years

Leak This

What we Democrats lack is thugs. We’ve got everything else we need.  There are plenty of us and the technology is fine. Money? No problem. Issues? Don’t even start. On paper, we win. On the streets, not so much.  What we need is muscle. Seasoned, scared, hardened, tough, ruthless. Back then there was a fight. … More Leak This

Ah, California

Every year I’ve been here in the mountain bunker there is a time in February that loudly announces the End of Winter. A week or more of balmy nights, days in the mid-70s, bright sunshine. Might as well plant the garden. And every year I’ve been here that False Spring is jerked away, often with … More Ah, California

The CIA and Me

When my daughter Lauren was born we lived in Philadelphia and nine of our best friends were secretly working for the CIA. It was different then, in the early 60s: things were hopeful, the Vietnam war was a whisper, the government was not the enemy.  Working for the government wasn’t so…. suspect, wrong.  Government then was … More The CIA and Me

Jesus Saves, etc.

It is my current opinion that in all matters of faith, including religion, politics and medicine, the limit of avowal should be “it works for me.”   Beyond that comes pressure, coercion, violence and war, serious over-reactions for systems that after all include large impacts of the psychological.  In other words, maybe most, possibly all of … More Jesus Saves, etc.