I met a crop duster pilot one really hot, pretty dusty afternoon on the west side of the Central Valley. You have to see these guys, working at the way unglamorous end of the airplane pilot business, dressed in jeans and dirty shirts, but with the spiritual swagger of a Top Gun.

Anyway, the west side of the Valley is lined with the legs of the electrical power grid that feeds the water system pumps and LA….. lots of huge power towers, cables, going every direction. And I asked this pilot if he didn’t worry about the power towers as he flew his barely-off-the-ground routes in the truck farms and orchards that lie between the pieces of the grid. And he said in fact he did not worry that he would hit a tower or clip one of the 28,000 volt wires.

“Know what I think. I think, they ain’t movin’ and they ain’t drunk.”

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