Forest Fires

I remember being frightened, but I don’t think I was ever as afraid as I should have been.   Started fighting and covering wild fires in about 1973, first on casual crews out of the Forest Service station at Jerseydale, then for whoever would pay me to go watch and report back.  So, mostly then … More Forest Fires


There was a try to legalize marijuana in California in 1972.  Voters whomped the initiative 2-1.  But it was fun. The pro-dope campaign was run as straight as possible, all suit and tie.  Guy I dealt with there was a Brownell, grandson of Eisenhower’s attorney general.   The public face of the pro-effort was intended … More Dope

Where’s Barry?

Had a crush in highschool on a girl named Barry.   Mush have been my junior or senior year.  New girl in town.  Year younger than me.  And possessed of the kind of southern accent that can still poke a finger in my brain.  Wonderful.  Her voice alone just made me so happy and weak … More Where’s Barry?

Tom’s tired

Bear with me. This started when my friend Keith sent me a right-wing screed called “I’m Tired”, an old fart doing an Andy Rooney number. You know, down with Obama, socialism, left-wingers, liberals, Muslims, George Soros and Michael Moore, and the main stream media; up with Fox and Tea Parties and so forth. (One interesting … More Tom’s tired

Wasted Lives

Earlier this summer Ms. Barbara and I attended the medical school graduation of her niece, the Lovely Allison.  McGill in Montreal.  She’s Canadian when she needs to be. Anyway, 140 young docs, each one smarter, better looking, and (according to the program and speeches) more committed to social justice and progress than the next.  Awesome, … More Wasted Lives