The First Years

At it’s best, it looked like this with me as Ralphie.  I wanted the BB gun too, but also my school, the coal furnace, the front yard, clothes… my childhood really looked like this.     Earth tones clothes, furniture and walls.  One telephone in the house, one electric plug per room. Snow suits. Until … More The First Years

The CIA and Me

When my daughter Lauren was born we lived in Philadelphia and nine of our best friends were secretly working for the CIA. It was different then, in the early 60s: things were hopeful, the Vietnam war was a whisper, the government was not the enemy.  Working for the government wasn’t so…. suspect, wrong.  Government then was … More The CIA and Me

Celebrate Heros

My daughter Lauren was about six months old in March 1965 and we lived in Philadelphia.  There were a lot of awful things happening then  — kind of a storm of shit that battered us those years: including civil rights, Vietnam.  That winter, on March 25, Viola Liuzzo, a 40-year-old housewife and voter registration worker … More Celebrate Heros


Today another story out there about who killed President Kennedy.  Fifty years ago.  Like maybe who or what did it is still alive and ready to confess.  Or that finally confirming this or that version changes anything.  It’s my sense that all these whodunit pieces in print and TV are created by people who weren’t … More JFK