Time for Single Payer

Bit ago I got my first big boy glasses, prescription ground, wire frames. Frames cost a bunch. Couple hundred bucks. Time passed.

Significant wife complained mightily about my alleged snoring and I submitted to laser treatments on the soft tissue at the back of my mouth. Hurts. Another story. Cost a bigger bunch than the glasses, like 1200 bucks. Time passed.

The very wonderful but no-cheap-bargain dentist we patronize lobbied to have me accept two tooth implants. Titanium screws in the jaw upon which are placed crowns of synthetic tooth-like material. Also hurt. And I don’t like to think how expensive they were. Plus, you’re paying for pain. Serious money was committed to the project with splendid results and excellent pain drugs. Time passed.

Now it is to be a hearing aid. Skipping to the good part, 2700 bucks, and not much larger than the fake tooth purchased above. Good news is, one, glasses seem like a bargain now, and two, I don’t think it will hurt. Physically.

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