Dad’s Gone

Death in the Family. Dad died. Nearly 97 and ready. Still.

From the Minneapolis paper:

Rev. Harold John DeVries completed his earthly life on Feb 20. He was 96 years old and at peace when he passed away at his home, Friendship Village in Bloomington. He had spent his life as he wished, in service to his Lord, as pastor to many, and husband to his beloved wife June who preceded him.

Rev. DeVries led congregations in Michigan, Illinois and the Twin Cites beginning more than 70 years ago. He counseled, taught and inspired tirelessly, never stopping his own study, never failing to look to Heaven for direction, never wavering in his faith and his witness. He loved to preach and sing, he loved his work, and he loved the Lord. He believed deeply in spreading the Gospel and with all his heart, mind and body supported the missionaries of Christ around the world, introducing them to his churches, praying for them, and visiting them in the field.

And he loved his family. His children, Tom, Susan and Steve, made Harold grandpa to eight, and in turn great grandfather to eight, all of whom knew and loved him. So the impact of his long life – which began early in the Twentieth Century – will easily extend at least to the end of the Twenty-first.

He knew without doubt that a place had been prepared for him in Heaven. He left us for it with anticipation and joy. As much as we do and will miss him, we are happy for him too. It was, as they say, a righteous life.

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