Forest Fires

I remember being frightened, but I don’t think I was ever as afraid as I should have been.   Started fighting and covering wild fires in about 1973, first on casual crews out of the Forest Service station at Jerseydale, then for whoever would pay me to go watch and report back.  So, mostly then … More Forest Fires

Night shift

The private plane went into the Lake Michigan trying to land on Christmas Eve.  I was working evenings, 6 to 2 AM so I was there when it happened and the city editor sent a photographer went over to Meigs Field which was on landfill off downtown.  Meigs is no longer an airport, but is very big … More Night shift


There was a try to legalize marijuana in California in 1972.  Voters whomped the initiative 2-1.  But it was fun. The pro-dope campaign was run as straight as possible, all suit and tie.  Guy I dealt with there was a Brownell, grandson of Eisenhower’s attorney general.   The public face of the pro-effort was intended … More Dope

Catastrophe porn

from Bay Citizen story  today on the San Bruno gas explosion and fire that killed four and burned several dozen homes: “Those who called Crestmoor home — many for decades — know that nothing here will ever be the same.” For example, from now on in Crestmoor mastodons will roam the streets and nothing will … More Catastrophe porn

Being civil

Lots of kerfuffle about President Obama dissing the Supreme Court during the State of the Union. Oh, my. but really, he fits right in. Letterman, O’Brien and Leno are being rude to each other in public; TV ads call the competition liars by name; a Reep called the President a liar right out loud during … More Being civil