Mariposa Operating Manual

Swamp Cooler

Don’t know exactly how we managed Mariposa summers before the evaporative cooler. And now, post-Al Gore, it may get even warmer. The point of this article is: love yr swamp cooler and it will love you back.

  1. It must be drained in the cold months or else. The water connection is in the crawl space accessed from the loft. Turn it off. Disconnect the copper feed line and again on the roof at the cooler itself so that the copper tube is empty.water feed tube at cooler           v-belt on housing
  2. End of summer take the v-belt off the cooler fan and syphon the water pan. Cover the cooler with the blanket stored under the house. It keeps the drafts from coming in.
  3. Beginning of summer reconnect the water feed, stow the blanket, put the v-belt back on, oil cup with little yellow pluband put 3-1 oil in the cups on the motor and fan housing.

Power is turned on with a switch on the housing. The thermostat is on the cripple wall going to the master bedroom.

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