Being civil

Lots of kerfuffle about President Obama dissing the Supreme Court during the State of the Union. Oh, my. but really, he fits right in. Letterman, O’Brien and Leno are being rude to each other in public; TV ads call the competition liars by name; a Reep called the President a liar right out loud during … More Being civil

Fair and Balanced

Tocqueville wrote of his own journalism: ‘I never gave in to the temptation to tailor facts to ideas rather than to adapt ideas to facts.’ Nice, huh? Wish I could say that myself, but truth is I don’t know very many of us who really can. Sad, huh? (for the quote and a darn good … More Fair and Balanced

New World View

We did a renovation thing on the apartment by the Bay. Hired a recommended tile guy who turned out to be Cuban. Not his parents or relatives, born there. He sent Michel to lay the stone– and a lovely job too. Michel is from Chile. (Op. cit) The crew that moved the bearing wall so … More New World View